The residential construction sector is constantly changing, mainly driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. Those changes primarily manifest through trends, inspiring new home designs, and helping builders cut costs and promote efficiency. The following are the critical residential construction trends to watch in 2022. 

Old World Craftsmanship

Home designers say old-world craftsmanship techniques and materials are increasingly becoming popular. Residential construction experts expect patterned hardwoods, with two-tone inlays and unique patterns in various homes in 2022 and beyond. 

Organic Designs 

Homeowners embrace nature in their living spaces, mainly through organic materials that maximize sunlight, fresh air, and other natural elements. Organic home designs are eco-friendly and long-lasting. 

Maximalist Design 

The demand for high-quality and playful antiques will significantly grow in 2022. People travel less and have the more expendable income to infuse creative personality expressions in their living spaces. That will drive the demand for furnishings, art, rugs, and unique paintwork in residential property. 

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofs are eco-friendly and more durable than most roofing alternatives. They are also pretty stylish and unique. Thus, we can expect home builders to use more metals in building exteriors. The metal could be used on the entire roof or as accents on porch or awning roofs over windows. 

Outdoor Luxury 

Homeowners are also increasingly extending and improving their outdoor spaces to enhance their living conditions. Many of them fit television screens, swimming pools, and even fireplaces into their outdoor spaces. 

Black Accents 

Black accents are also increasingly making their way into residential spaces. Most home builders implement black accents using black interior and exterior window frames, black lacquered entryway doors, and appliances. 

Although the residential construction sector remains subject to various changes, the trends discussed above will most impact home designs and buildings in 2022.